Canary Keeper Review

The cover drew me in, made me curious…The locations of London and Orkney sealed the deal for me. I’ve spent summers in Orkney so could really imagine how this may have been back in the mid 19th century – and it would have been a harsh, dreary place. And London with the Fog and grime and smells… She illustrates so well you can almost touch it, be there, and you really wouldn’t want to be.

The Canary Keeper is a really well written dark atmospheric Victorian mystery about the fur trade and other shady goings on in the shipping trade with an undercurrent of family betrayal. The strong lead female characters Birdie and Margaret were likable and I would’ve like to have gone into more depth with her other relationships as I think this may have tied the ending in tighter for me.

Something I found interesting was lots of different types of birds popping up throughout the book and made use of the dictionary function so I got an idea of what they were!

Clare has spent time researching Orkney and London’s shipping trades and it shows. I really enjoyed this book. It took me a wee while to get used to the style as it’s the first time I’ve read anything like this but I’d definitely read this genre again. Thanks Clare ;).4/5🌟🌟🌟🌟

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