The Canary Keeper

I’m excited! The cover of this book has drawn me in to reading this exciting Historical mystery which is a genre I’ve never read before. Other readers opinions rate quite highly on it so I’m about to dive in…

They will see me hang for this. London, 1855. In the grey mist of the early morning a body is dumped on the shore of the Thames by a boatman in a metal canoe… Birdie Quinn’s sleeplessness led her to the river that morning… talk spreads of the killer and his accomplice: a young widow in mourning dress. But is she a murderess?”

I’m intrigued that this thriller will take the me up and down the UK from London all the way up to Orkney – all places I’ve been – so I can imagine the journey as Birdie Quinn retraces the dead mans footsteps as she tries to save her life…

Have you read this? What did you think?

Rhoo x

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